Make your workouts work for you.

You’re just new at everything.

Whether you are a brand new to CrossFit, an avid gym go-er making a change, or a returning athlete, it might feel like you suck, but try to remember, you’re just new! Take each day at a time, learn all that you can about your body and your mindset, and, seriously, have some fun beating yourself up.

Align, Breathe, Move.

Alignment plays a major role in how you feel during a workout and in your daily life. Breathing will dictate your state and your recovery. Movement in the gym should support movement outside the gym.

Learning to listen.

Listening to your body after years of ignoring it is going to be uncomfortable. But, better to be uncomfortable than in pain, injured, or quitting.

Mastering your mindset.

When you start CrossFit – or any other high intensity workout program – you need to set your ego aside. Learning to stay in your lane is the number one tool for longevity in fitness.